What’s your cosy-night-in fragrance? Demo 3

What’s your cosy-night-in fragrance? Demo 3
Do you find yourself scrolling through social media and getting stuck in a doomsday scroll where you find all the beauty videos and skincare “guru” telling you what’s right for skin? DO NOT FALL INTO THAT TRAP. Though some of that content might be credible, skin care is not a one-fit that suits all. Every skin is different and so are the needs. Knowing what is right for your skin can only come through a lot of understanding, knowing what’s best for your skin, picking products that are not too harsh, and visiting a certified professional dermatologist. Until then don’t experiment with the “trending” skin products which might react on your skin and lead to further damage.

If you think about the history of skincare, soaps were the heroes that prevented your skin from unwanted chemicals and ingredients that can affect your skin’s health. Soaps for the face? Sounds so 90’s right? It isn’t though. Let us explain why it might be something that you could possibly add back to your skin routines and deal with stubborn acne breakouts.

Here are some forgotten secrets of soap that can help you stray away from acne.

Soaps as effective cleansers

It is not a rocket science to know that soaps are extremely useful and effective cleansers that not only clean your skin from impurities but also maintain the oil content which helps avoid acne formation. And when you do use soap always remember to be gentle but cleanse till the entire product is washed off. Just a splash-and-go isn’t enough to clean the pores.

Soaps for maintaining oil secretion

Gentle cleansing with soaps is essential to retain the necessary oils in your face and not strip them off the natural oils that your skin produces. It is very important to find a soap that cleanses and at the same time retains.

Soap as an antiseptic solution

Some acne specific soaps have an inbuilt antiseptic formula which not only helps maintain skin’s health but also avoid the skin from getting infected. This is essential for those with extremely oily skin as it leads to pimple eruptions due to excess sebum production which these soaps control effectively.

All in all, an acne specific soap like AZELANE is a definite yes among other dermatologist recommended soaps that you can consider including in your skincare regime to avoid acne breakouts and maintain overall skin’s health.

Try the AZELANE Clinical Whitening Soap and our range of acne solutions which have power ingredients to resolve your acne woes. Our products have been consciously formulated after years of research.
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