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CUVE 360 MAX is the first intelligent mobile UVC Disinfection system. Its motion-sensing feature elevates the standard of safety for this product category.

It features Powerful UVC lamps emitting 254nm rays which are clinically proven to act against COVID-19, our common enemy virus.


Wireless connection through mobile phone WiFi

  • Single Unit Control
  • Sterilization time, the time delay before activation can be changed by a simple browser
  • Switch on or turn off using browser or manual push button
  • Multiple device control and can complement any other Device from Definics
  • Can control On-Off, scheduled sterilization, set alarms, and change settings of a single or multiple CUVE 360 in a single BMS DASHBOARD
  • Can monitor if the device is online or offline, if the device is in the sterilization process, and can set an email alert (alarm) if the lamp has reached its lifespan.


  1. Plug the CUVE 360 MAX and turn on the switch. When the display shows it is ready you have the following options:
  2. TURN IT ON through the mobile interface.
  3. If you do not have a mobile phone, you can press the front button (long press) and an audible information beep will start. After 30 seconds the disinfection will begin.
  4. After 45 minutes, the device will stop automatically.

CUVE 360 MAX through its display allows you to change the setting to another requested sterilization time.

Exposure of the skin and eyes to UVC rays may contribute to skin cancer and corneal damage. Please exert cautiousness when using this product and other UVC devices.

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