DELLA DellaMist Portable Facial Mist Sprayer


  • Stay fresh all day with the Della Mist Portable Facial Mist Sprayer!
  • Converts Della Mist Water into nanoparticles to be easily absorbed by the skin
  • Efficiently hydrates the skin and delivers the needed Della Mist Water needed 
  • The nanoparticles are small enough to be absorbed by the skin even while wearing make-up!


  • Della Mist Portable Facial Mist Sprayer - x1 
  • USB Charging Cable - x1


  1. Della Moisturizing Mist Water (Moisturizing Mist) - Contributes to the hydration of dry and dull skin. 
  2. Della Whitening Mist Water (Whitening Mist) - Helps brighten hyperpigmented skin. 
  3. Della Collagen Mist Water (Collagen Mist) - Supplements the body's collagen production to slow down aging. 

*Sold separately.

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