The CUVE PRO MAX is a UVC Sterilizer Device with UVC tubes @ 254 nm tested and proven to kill COVID-19 and other disease-causing microorganisms.

Designed with an enclosed set-up for user protection while ensuring focused UVC rays are deployed for efficient and quality disinfection process.


  • Wireless connection through mobile phone WiFi
  • Clinically-proven to kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms.
  • Designed for 360 degrees disinfection.
  • Turns off when opened during disinfection.
  • Sterilization for just 30 seconds
  • Designed to accommodate a whole range of tools and equipment
  • Switch on or turn off using browser or manual push button
  • Multiple device control and can complement any other Device from Definics
  • Can control On-Off, scheduled sterilization, set alarms, and change settings of a single or multiple CUVE PRO MAX in a single BMS DASHBOARD
  • Can monitor if the device is online or offline, if the device is in the sterilization process, and can set an email alert (alarm) if the lamp has reached its lifespan.


  1. Plug the CUVE PRO MAX and turn on the switch.
  2. When the display indicates that the system is ready, carefully place the items fir disinfection inside the CUVE PRO MAX.
  3. Closing the lid will automatically start the disinfection process as shown by a glowing indicator and display timer.
  4. The device automatically stops after 30 seconds of disinfection.
  5. If the box lid is opened while disinfecting, the CUVE PRO MAX will automatically turn off for safety and goes back to stand by mode, resents, and is ready for a new round of sterilization process.
  6. The CUVE PRO MAX settings can also be changed manually.

CUVE PRO MAX through its display allows you to change the setting to another requested sterilization time.

Exposure of the skin and eyes to UVC rays may contribute to skin cancer and corneal damage. Please exert cautiousness when using this product and other UVC devices.

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