Shamruff Anti-Dandruff + Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo 200mL


  • Regulates scalp oil production and improves dandruff
  • Helps prevent hair loss
  • Mild and moisturizing shampoo; safe for regular use.


  • Zinc L- Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid (Zinc PCA): Zinc helps regulate and control sebaceous glands that secrete oil onto our scalp and hair. Equally effective, Zinc PCA also helps block DHT, a primary cause of male hair loss
  • As Zinc PCA, functions to inhibit catalase to limit the production of DHT
    (Dihydroxytestostosterone). DHT is responsible for sebaceous gland production of sebum as well as constricting blood flow to the scalp. When this chemical compound slows the oil production in the perifollicular sebaceous glands, it effectively controls and lowers the cause of the oily feeling of hair. 
  • Other benefits include the static properties against bacteria and fungi. In this way it secondarily controls odor that arises from bacterial overgrowth. While it controls sebum production, it moisturizes through other chemical reactions.
  • This makes a Zinc PCA shampoo excellent for several applications – controlling oily scalp and hair, helping stop hair loss, and as an
    active anti-fungal.


Gently wet hair and scalp with fresh cool water. Avoid using hot or warm water as these can cause more scalp inflammation. Apply 1-2 pumps of Shamruff on the scalp and very gently massage over the hair and scalp and allow lather to form. Very gently spread shampoo over the hair and scalp using fingers. Rinse shampoo after 3 minutes. Please avoid aggressively massaging the scalp and hair. Avoid using nails or other implements to scrub the scalp as this will increase inflammation and exacerbate scalp dermatitis and scaling. Treat scalp and hair very gently like baby scalp when washing.

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