CUVE UVC Disinfection Box

  • Convenient and fast disinfection types of masks (Surgical, N95, Cloth, Copper Masks) and other personal items
  • Clinically proven 275nm UVC LEDs deactivate and kill disease-causing microorganisms at the DNA level
  • Novel 360° disinfection featuring (4) UVC LEDs for the efficiency of use
  • Automatically shuts down when the lid is opened for the safety of use


  1. Conformitè Europëenne (CE)
  2. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)


  • Cuve UVC Disinfection Box - x1
  • Mask Platform - x1
  • Flat Platform - x1
  • USB Micro-B Charging Cable - x1 


  1. Plug the CUVE using your phone charger, external PC USB, power bank, or car adapter.
  2. Put in the frame you need: the mask frame of the CUVE is used to sterilize all angles of face masks while the flat frame is used when disinfecting your personal belongings.
  3. Close the CUVE and disinfection automatically starts.
  4. 3 minutes after use, the CUVE will automatically shut down.

SAFETY PRECAUTION: Exposure of the skin and eyes to UVC rays may contribute to skin cancer and corneal damage. Please exert cautiousness when using this product and other UVC devices. 

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