Laboratory Compliance Incentive

A special benefit of a free delivery voucher awaits when you submit your laboratory results within the ideal date/s given by the team, subject to the terms and conditions below:
  1. Our team will be making follow-ups after you receive this email. 
  2. The free delivery voucher will apply ONLY if the updated laboratory results are submitted within the ideal date/s to have the laboratory tests done.
  3. Non-compliance within the ideal date/s will disqualify the patient from being awarded with the special promo.
  4. The free delivery voucher will be given once you have been cleared to proceed with your Isotretinoin intake. The voucher is valid only for one (1) purchase and may be used on You may purchase up to two (2) months' worth of medications.  
  5. This special voucher may not be used in conjunction with other promos or automatic discounts on