Benefits of email consultations

Convenience: Can be done anywhere, anytime, eliminating travel time & inconvenience, perfect for those with busy schedules or limited mobility.

Discreet: May be preferred by individuals who value privacy and discreetly seeking medical advice.

Time efficiency: Initial assessment and medication requests can be handled efficiently through email, potentially reducing in-person waiting times.

Pre-consultation information gathering: Allows you to provide detailed information about your acne history, medications, and concerns to the doctor beforehand, facilitating a more focused and accurate consultation.

Asynchronous: You can ask questions and receive responses at your own pace without feeling rushed in a face-to-face setting.

Documentation: Email communication serves as a record of the consultation and treatment plan, which can be helpful for reference and follow-up.

Benefits of Proper Acne Consultation

Accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan: Doctor Mike can help accurately determine the specific acne type, nuance it from other skin condition that mimic acne, and craft a personalized plan for your specific needs. This is integral in achieving the desired outcomes and avoids the hazards of self-treatment.

Early acne treatment, prevent complications: Professional intervention enables timely detection and treatment of acne. The sooner acne is managed, the better chances of decreasing the risk of complications such acne scarring. This saves valuable time and spares you from avoidable frustrations.

Access to advanced treatments: Dermatologists have access to the latest acne treatment options like prescription medications and energy-based therapy. These options are designed to address challenging cases such as resistant and severe acne.

Safety and guidance: Acne skincare can be overwhelming, and DIY remedies are often ineffective or even harmful. Your dermatologist can provide safe and effective treatment options, reducing the risk of untoward side effects and ensuring proper use of products.

Holistic approach and lifestyle advice: Acne and its treatment can be influenced by factors such as diet, stress, smoking, and hormonal fluctuations. Your dermatologist can determine contributing factors and guide you with lifestyle modifications to promote skin and overall health.

Monitoring and adjustments: Acne is unpredictable and may worsen at anytime as in the case of acne purging. Your dermatologist can monitor progress and modify your treatment accordingly to make sure that you stay on the right track and for better treatment outcomes.

Psychological support: Your dermatologist see many patients struggling with acne and understands the patients' emotional struggles during the treatment. Doctor Mike and the DMD Team can guide you through the emotional rollercoaster of acne treatment, helping you to cope and maintain a positive disposition.

Early detection of underlying conditions: In some cases, acne can be the sole manifestation of a deeper medical condition. A board-certified dermatologist has visibility of possible systemic implications of your specific type of acne and is able to refer you to the appropriate specialists for further evaluation and management.


    Select Email Consultation if you are unable to visit our physical clinic and if you're more comfortable expressing yourself in written form.

    Select Face-to-Face Consultation if you're in close proximity with our physical clinic and if you wish to have a face-to-face interaction with your Dermatologist.

    Add your preferred mode of consultation to cart and settle the consultation fee after to reserve your slot.


    Email Consultation
    A comprehensive consultation form will be sent to you for you to fill out at your most convenient time.

    Face-to-Face Consultation
    Our team of nurses will extract your complete health information during your pre-determined schedule.


    Email Consultation
    After assessin the Dermatologist shall send you an email of the diagnosis, treatment advise, and prescriptions.

    Face-to-Face Consultation
    The Dermatologist will review your medical information and process it with you. This will then conclude to the explanation of your diagnosis, giving of treatment advise, and issuance of prescriptions.

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What Our Patients Say

It was my first consultation with Dr Mike...He replies in a timely manner and will not leave your thoughts hanging. Because all the information will be put in one email. Anything you need to know about your concerns are there. Its just so convenient to have this type of option.

Yvette M.

Very accommodating si Doc Mike...Hindi din sya basta basta nagbibigay ng prescription kasi he will check your answers sa form and will give you the prescription na dapat sa condition mo.

Pierre A.

Very detailed and organized

think this email consultation is way better than face to face. All details were ask including history of medication and the like.

Shaira M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do video consultations? 

Right now, video consultations are not available. We only email consultations at the moment. You may book an email consultation here.

How do I get detailed answers for my health queries? 

We ask a comprehensive set of questions for all the modes of consultations we offer. After collecting your answers, we will provide you with a comprehensive explanation of your skin concern as well as the treatment plan to help you achieve your skin goals.

Should you still have further questions, please feel free to raise them to Dr. Mike D through email and he will respond to your questions.

Will I get a prescription when I do a consultation?

Yes, Dr. Mike D will give you a prescription that will help address your skin concern/s after you do a consultation.

Do you prescribe medications for acne? 

Yes, we prescribe different types of medications (oral, topicals) for acne, as well as in-clinic treatments if you're not keen on taking oral medications.

A combination of different treatment modalities will be recommended, depending on your preference and expectations.

How often do I need to consult and pay for the consultation fee?

Formal follow-up consultations are done every six months from the time of your first consultation.

However, it's FREE to ask questions, give updates, have your laboratory test results read, be monitored, and be given a prescription in between the initial consultation to the follow-up consultation. 

Do you accept PWD patients and am I eligible for PWD discount? 

Yes, we accept PWD patients and they're eligible for PWD discount.

Simply email a copy of your PWD ID to and indicate the mode of consultation you wish to do. Once verified, we will issue you a voucher code which can be used exclusively at

Do I pay first before the consultation? 

Yes, we implement a payment-first basis for consultations (face-to-face and online).

Must I go to the clinic to be treated of my acne concern?

No. In fact, we can treat acne remotely and at the comforts of your own home.